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這裡提及的是疑似網上詐騙, 如果你的家人朋友屬於宅男宅女, 買鹽都要上網買, 就要十分留意。

事發在上星期, 本人有一朋友最近正在搜尋租盤, 有日如執到寶般說在網上找到一個9千大洋在堅道的樓盤, 其時在場聽到的都一致認為那是兇宅,朋友卻二話不說和業主開始電郵聯絡。


Hi there,

I have attached some pictures. The rent for 1 month is HKD 6,000 + 3,000 Management fee (for the entire apartment) including all utilities (water, electricity, Internet, cable, parking, air conditioning, dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, refrigerator, private washing machine). reply back if you are interested .

說的是堅道,是地產商口中的西半山, 9千元, 除了棺材山地不包括在內, 甚麼也包含其中, 最離譜的是parking, 那地段一個車位都要三千。


朋友表示興趣, 這是業主的回覆, 簡單來說是同意租出單位給我朋友, 與及交帶若干手續。

Thank you very much for your reply and for your willingness to rent the apartment . I agree to rent the apartment to you if you are still interested , of course . I promise you that you will love the place .

Of course you will have to see the apartment before discussing any other details because you can't rent an apartment that you haven't seen . Since I removed the furniture from the apartment I am willing to send you the keys so you can visit it and see if you like it or not .

The delivery for the keys (apartment keys , inter-phone , alarm) and viewing permit (signed by me) , will be made through an authorized courier and using a Moneybookers Escrow Account to make sure that we can trust each other .

I will explain the procedure if you are interested so please email me as soon as you read this message because I really need to take care of this matter.

電郵所說的Moneybookers Escrow Account 是網上付款平台, 如pay-pal

由始至終都不相信世上有一幸福可以唾手可得, 於是便在網上搜尋一下關於這大廈的資料。單位照片不方便刊登, 因為我在某地產網站找到同一個單位的照片, 單位正在放租, 放租價是26K

於是我便著朋友找這個業主澄清一下, 為甚麼放租是26K, 租給我朋友開9K, 他們是前世夫妻還是甚麼原因令他劈價。


They are the pictures from my apartment. They are using it with my accord,you can contact them to ask about it . I am really glad you found this add so you can see that in the same building the same size apartment is 26 k.

I used this company in the past to rent my apartment but now i will go it for myself because they are crooks , they are asking to much money from the landlords and tenants .

談到看房子的安排, 那人說他委託了 Moneybookers Escrow Account 為中間人, 負責聯絡, 並且在看房子之前需要存入一個月的租金作為按金, 錢入了之後便會速遞單位鎖匙過來, 如果看不合意的話, 只需交還鎖匙, 按金便會自動退還。

至此, 這不是一宗騙案是甚麼呢?

為了證明這是一宗網上詐騙, 我將那業主的電郵內部份內容複製到 google search bar,一按, 有興趣的可自己看看搜尋結果。

電郵回覆內容同出一轍,只不過換了貨幣, 那是縱橫世界各地的國際騙案。 騙徒都會聲稱自己身在海外,不能處理物業,又或會借正當中介人公司名義以增加其可信性,如不慎付了款,之後便會消失於人間。

在此呼籲各位市民在網上進行交易前必先要核實賣家身份, 以防被騙。


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那間f字頭知名速遞公司send email叫你比齊資料拿返寄失的包裹,亦係10個人總有1個收過的騙案

Anonymous said...

oh wow. we found a similar 筍盤 ad for a 2000 sq ft flat + car park on conduit road asking for less than $15K a month a few months back. i thought it was a scam when i saw the ad but still it was very tempting to contact the so-called "landlord" to find out more. good that i didn't waste time to even try to write that email cause i wasn't look for a flat to rent. but good to know that this is a real scam!


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好多謝你在網上說這是一宗網上騙案, 如果不是你, 我都差小小中招, 我剛剛都收到他頭兩個電郵回覆, 內容是同你登的一模一樣!!!