Monday, 29 November 2010

Social Network

每日與Facebook為伍者如我, 當然飛奔去看Social Network, 有些人抱著上課的心態去看這電影, 希望在電影裡面知窺digital media 和social network的奧秘, 未免太 aggressive, 是一場電影而已。

如果對Facebook沒有感情, 這部電影便堪稱淡而無味, 但只是你Like Facebook, 至少這是一部有趣味的電影。Facebook的元祖 是Facemash,是因為 Mark Zuckerberg 被女友拋棄, 因為復仇而創造出來,繼而演變成為Facebook,至於是否 Winklevoss 兄弟的綱站概念, 他兄弟的概念才不是由 Facemash 演變出來, 究竟誰抄誰?

Facebook 整件事最有趣的地方是, 發明它的人是一個不擅溝通的人, 不論對女朋友, 或合作伙伴, 處理人際關係一塌糊塗, 但他製造出來溝通功具偏偏瘋魔全世界,我們跟上他的方法去和人溝通, 好像有點諷刺,但Facebook的確令到我們的世界更加精彩。

因為Facebook多了很多「朋友」, 說一句話, 貼一張照即時得到全世界的回應,生日祝福更是排山倒海, 在Facebook 的世界很溫暖 ,但這些溫暖都來自我們對著電腦, 對著電話自閉式的感情投放, 在現實生活中這種熱情不能接軌。

人際關係愈來愈冷漠的今天, 我們連微笑都只是留給電腦屏幕, Facebook 可真算一項偉大發明,成為我們投放感情的渠道, 真又好, 假又好, 誰會深究?


Anonymous said...

我從來都沒有facebook或social network的戶口,沒有想過去看看那是什麼,為什麼是這樣地吸引數以百萬計的人去開設戶口把自己的所有一切公開,到後期發覺很多人都因為參加了又後悔,又說是沒有了私穩...我可沒有這個困擾。

Anonymous said...

你好, 因為很想把你的話轉給朋友知道, 可以把最後那幾句放上FB嗎?

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shangri_la said...

I finally watched "Social Network" over the weekend. I have to disagree that you need to have attachment to Facebook the application in order to feel connected with the movie because except Wall, there is nothing else about Facebook is mentioned in "Social Network" (sure it mentioned 'status' but that exists in MySpace, Friendster and every other social network sites long before Facebook. In fact I don't even understand why Mark Zuckerberg in the movie felt it was just a groundbreaking idea to introduce 'status').

For me the movie is about Mark Zuckerberg's personal social network (mainly with Eduardo Saverin because he was really his only friend in the movie) changes over the course of founding Facebook rather than Facebook the application itself. The company just serves as a platform to showcast how the dynamic shifts. Mark and Eduardo could have decided to form a rock band instead of a company and the rest of the movie would still hold (particularly when you considered there is a scene where Eduardo proudly said to Mark 'we have groupies' when they were guarding the bathroom door so that the girls can freshen up themselves, like they are some kind of rock stars now). If someone has never used Facebook before, they would gain no insight of what the application is at all from the movie but that wouldn't hurt (or help) them from enjoying it.